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Training Methods

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What Is TrainHeroic?

TrainHeroic is an online training platform that allows you to follow plans & programs with easy to follow videos and descriptions, as well as being able to view your progress over time.

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Team Subscription

Regular updates through a monthly subscription.

Ideal for riders of any level, but who have more gym based experience (2+ years of structured strength training is ideal).

All the sessions specific to the time of year in one place - no need to cobble together training from different sources.
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Training Programs

Ready-made training plans for riders who just want to get on with things.

Ideal for intermediate and advanced riders who are looking to start their gym training journey.

Whether your goals for next season are sportives, road races or time trials, this structured plan will help you to lay down the essential foundations for success.
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This plan builds on the Off-Season Base Builder but can be used as a stand-alone.

The aim is to increase the intensity off the bike, while gradually building volume and structure on it.
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