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Nothing beats feedback

I really value all feedback from clients and knowing I at some point in my career was going to go at it along I’ve collected a few bits over the years. Enjoy reading:

James Ball 2012 – 2017 Double World Champion
“I have learned so much over a short period of time with Scott, his work ethic and passion for helping and engaging are next to none. He has helped me in almost every area of the gym to improve my weaknesses his programme which was set for me last year made me the strongest I’ve ever been and has no doubt helped in me becoming double World Champion in 2017.”

Sophie Thornhill MBE  – Rio 2016 Paralympic Gold Medallist
“I have loved working with Scott over the last few years. He is a great motivator and knows how to push you to be your best. Thanks to Scott I was in the best shape of my life heading into the Paralympic Games in Rio, he was one of the integral parts to becoming Paralympic Champion.”

Matt Rotherham
“Working with Scott helped keep me highly motivated to complete training at the highest level and get the most out of it. Each session is thoroughly planned towards the goal of each training block whilst each session was varied to ensure I looked forward to each session. If you require a coach who plans sessions in fine detail to methodically reach your goals, then Scott at FastFitStrong will definitely be your guy. “

Kyle Evans
“Scott has always brought a great leadership role to the gym. Days when athletes and myself have been struggling, he has always been around to pick up the pieces; does whatever is necessary to get the job done. Using his experience to make each individual push themselves and helping them believe anything is possible. Helping to achieve their goals on and off the bike.”

Katie Marchant
“Super enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed working with Scott in the gym, He will definitely get you strong and where you need to be.”

Lauren Bate
“Scott is a great guy and s&c coach, very experienced!”

Georgia Hilleard
“Scott is a fun guy to have around in the gym and is very knowledgeable. “

Quillan Isidore
“Scott is a great coach to work with. Very understanding and is thorough and clear with his WHY to his plans. I really enjoyed my time working with him as he knows how to have fun whilst training. You’ll be in perfect hands!”

Paddy Sharrock
“Scott’s training programmes have helped me develop as a professional athlete. If you’re serious about competing in BMX, then talk to this guy…”

Jack Carlin
“The training environment and attention to detail that Scott provided created an enjoyable atmosphere which allowed me to keep developing as an athlete. I’m certain that this was one of the major factors allowing me to progress to the Olympic programme and compete on the world stage.”

Joe Truman
“Lifting heavy weights as a taller athlete can lead to injuries, but Scott’s eye for detail has helped me maximise my training time. I am now part of the Podium squad competing at the highest level.”

Sophie Capewell
“Scott’s programs are creative with innovative exercises to help achieve your gym goals. He helped me to improve strength and technique to move forward in my cycling, even with a hectic school schedule at the time.”

Milly Tanner
“Scott is always really motivating and knows his stuff. “

Sylvi Misztal
“Having never done S&C before, Scott has help me grasp the basics in a short period of time. He adapts to my needs and makes the sessions creative making gym more enjoyable.”

Alex Jolliffe
“Scott has a good positive attitude and is always focused on helping his athletes to improve.”

Hamish Turnbull
“Very nice guy, knows what he’s talking about and keeps gym entertaining.”

Pete Mitchell
“Scott’s programs and approach are varied and creative whilst maintaining clear goals and targets. He is a fantastic motivator both in the challenges he sets and his coaching manor. I would thoroughly recommend working with Scott, be it to improve current fitness or for performance sport.”

Hello world!

A big welcome to my new venture, having learned so much over many years of professional sports its time I passed it around to an even bigger audience.

I’m a “Black Box Thinker” and my fair share of adversity has shown me what’s really important. I’ve made many mistakes along the way, but this has taught me what I’m good at, so now I’m on a mission to share my experience as a high-performance coach, teacher and motivator.

Look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.

Scott Pearson