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This package is for riders who are more experienced in the gym and simply want a top quality program with regular accountability, but without the hassle of planning it themselves.

main features

Following a top quality strength program designed by am expert coach is the best way to avoid chronic injuries, boost your power and become a more efficient athlete.

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If you know what you’re doing, but still need ongoing support and accountability, this is the package for you.

Program Individualisation
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Please feel free to message us directly to ask more questions about this package.

how it works...

Take the first step by clicking to subscribe. Once you’ve done that, follow the four-step process below and begin accessing the benefits of this training package.

Step 1


Complete the questionnaire. This means we understand your goals can assess your needs properly.

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Download the app

Accept the invitation to download the app so you can receive your sessions.

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Your sessions will be sent directly to your phone every week

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support group

Follow the link and join the private facebook group for help, tips and on-going support.

frequently asked questions

important things

There is very little coaching and feedback with this option, so it’s recommended that have reasonable gym experience.

If you need more guidance, then I’d recommend Package 2

Once you’ve signed up and we’ve been through your initial consultation, you will be sent a link for a smartphone app called TrainHeroic (available on IOS and Android).

This is where you’ll receive your training, log sessions, provide feedback and track your progress.

All our programs are written to be as simple as possible and require the minimum amount of equipment. All programs begin with an initial consultation where you will be asked what equipment you have available; your program is then written with that in mind.

Typically, dumbbells, benches, bands and bars are used in our programming. Most clients opt to go to their local gym, which is still cost-effective, and some have even decided to build training areas at their home.

All exercises that you will be prescribed have full video and written descriptions within the TrainHeroic app.

package one

£100 per month

The best choice if you’re experienced in the gym and need a quality program to follow.

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