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Serious Riders


Ideal for riders of any level, but who have more gym-based experience (2+ years of structured strength training is ideal). All the sessions you need in one place – no need to cobble together training from different sources. Team Off-Bike Strength offers structured programming for cyclists, relevant to the time of year.

        • Structured Program: all you need to do is concentrate on training.

        • Reduce Injuries: strength sessions are appropriate and progressive, lowering your risk of injury. Stronger riders get injured less, meaning you’ll actually be able to spend more time in the saddle than ever before!

        • Enjoy Your Riding Again: Your rides will feel less of a grind, positions will be easier to hold and you’ll have fewer aches and pains.

Here's how the plan breaks down:

        • On-bike sessions per week: 2-4

        • Off-bike sessions per week: 1-6 (including strength, mobility, high-performance recovery training and regeneration sessions).

        • Typical time of year: It’s a year-round program, so the frequency of sessions will fluctuate, so you receive the most appropriate training for the time of year.

        • Level of rider: Any.

        • Level of gym: Intermediate


Specifically Designed for Cyclists

Sessions are blended together to make you the best rider you can be. No bodybuilding, nothing crazy, my programs have improved all levels of rider from Olympic champions to weekend warriors. So, you know you're in good hands.

Everything You Need All in One Place

Every element of training is provided to maximise your success. As well as the strength program, you'll also get On-Bike training, Cross-Training, Mobility, Specific recovery & regeneration. No need to try to piece multiple programs together.

Own Your Training

All your training will be available a week in advance, allowing you time to plan and manage your training from wherever you are in the world. Use TrainHeroic's features to reschedule your sessions, providing flexibility with accountability you cannot find anywhere else.


Access to me

Access to me - Olympic level coach

I'll use my years of experience to give you the best advice. Use TH chat to send videos and I'll form-check your technique.


Programming 6 days per week

2-4 strength sessions, blended with cross-training, mobility, recovery training and regeneration are combined with a sample riding plan.

Video Descriptions

Exercise Video Guidance

My instructional videos of every exercise to make execution safe & easy.

Help & Advice

Expert help & advice

With nearly 2 decades in professional sport I've been there and got the t-shirt. Now I'm here to help you!

Support from Others

Help from other riders

Train virtually alongside other like-minded riders. Work together and help each other improve.

Delivered Through TrainHeroic

Delivered through TrainHeroic

Get the best out of training with long-term, consistent improvements by tracking your progress in the best training app around.



Barbell & Discs, Bench, Bands



Frequently Asked Questions

This plan is ideal for riders who already have some gym experience (2+ years) and want to minimise injury and boost their power. If you don’t want to waste time writing your own plans and trying to make it fit around your riding, then this is for you.
There is no minimum term, you can stop at any point. All you need to do is cancel your subscription. However, strength training to improve your on-bike performance, as well as your health isn’t a quick fix. Long-term consistency is crucial and will take some time to get the maximum benefit.
I’m realistic enough to understand that life often gets in the way…even pro riders don’t do EVERY session! The key thing is to be as consistent as possible; this maximises the benefits of the program and limits your risk of injury and/or muscle soreness.
Unfortunately, bodyweight training will not do the same job or provide the same benefits. Our aim is to lay strength foundations, which requires lifting external loads! To make things a little more flexible, I’ve provided alternatives for all the gym-based exercises, so you can swap exercises out.
I’ve tried my best to answer the most common questions about this program here, but if there’s something I’ve missed, please contact me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to answer.

Off-Bike Strength

Team Off-Bike Strength offers fully-loaded, structured programming for cyclists, relevant to the time of year.

  • Monthly Subscription £26.00

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