Online strength training specifically designed for

Sprint Cyclists

written by

Scott Pearson MSc CSCS*

ex British Cycling strength & conditioning expert

Embracing specifically-planned off-bike training will not only make you faster on the bike, but it will also make you stronger, improve balance & coordination, aid weight management and increase bone density.

Most importantly though, it will make you more resilient to injury; being more robust means more time in the saddle training harder and getting better.

Choose the best option for you

Option One

£ 100
  • Full consultation & review.
  • Bespoke strength-training plan.
  • TrainHeroic account.
  • Weekly edits & in-app feedback.

Option Two

£ 140
  • Full consultation & review.
  • Bespoke strength-training plan.
  • TrainHeroic account.
  • Weekly edits & in-app feedback.
  • Monthly communication.

Option Three

£ 200
  • Full consultation & review
  • Bespoke strength-training plan
  • TrainHeroic account.
  • Daily edits & in-app feedback.
  • Bi-weekly communication.

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Key benefits

Save time every week.

Spend more time with friends and family by achieving on-bike improvements without as many hours in the saddle.

Ride harder, recover quicker.

Maintain peak and sustainable power outputs with improved efficiency and economy meaning you can hit the accelerator again sooner after intense efforts.

Spend less time injured.

Our evidence-based methods guarantee to lower the number and severity of chronic cycling-related injuries. Being stronger gives you more days per year on your bike.

Go faster & feel better.

Used with Olympic and World Champions to boost performance when it matters. Get into more aero positions without the aches and pains.

What the riders say

Helen Scott MBE - Rio 2016 Paralympic Gold Medallist
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“Scott is a great teacher. He created a programme that was primarily focused on developing our strength, but his real skill was making the hard work motivating and interesting- that’s a rare thing to find. The planning and help provided by Scott was instrumental in my Gold medal-winning performance in Rio.”
Jack Carlin - World Championship Silver Medallist
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“The training environment and attention to detail that Scott provided created an enjoyable atmosphere which allowed me to keep developing as an athlete. I’m certain that this was one of the major factors allowing me to progress to the Olympic programme and compete on the world stage."
Joe Truman - Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist
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“Lifting heavy weights as a taller athlete can lead to injuries, but Scott’s eye for detail has helped me maximise my training time. I am now part of the Podium squad competing at the highest level.”
Sophie Capewell
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“Scott’s programs are creative with innovative exercises to help achieve your gym goals. He helped me to improve strength and technique to move forward in my cycling, even with a hectic school schedule at the time.”
Pete Mitchell– Rio 2016 Paralympic Silver Medallist
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“Scott’s programs and approach are varied and creative whilst maintaining clear goals and targets. He is a fantastic motivator both in the challenges he sets and his coaching manor. I would thoroughly recommend working with Scott, be it to improve current fitness or for performance sport.”
Kadeena Cox MBE– multi-sport Paralympic gold medal-winning athlete
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“As an athlete that does two sports, it's important to be able to peak for the different events. Leading into Rio, Scott's wealth of knowledge made it easy for me to trust him and have faith he’d be able to help me achieve my goals - which I did!”
James Ball - 2017 Double World Champion
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“I have learned so much over a short period of time with Scott, his work ethic and passion for helping and engaging are next to none. He has helped me in almost every area of the gym to improve my weaknesses his programme which was set for me last year made me the strongest I’ve ever been and has no doubt helped in me becoming double World Champion in 2017.”
Sophie Thornhill MBE – Rio 2016 Paralympic Gold Medallist
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“I have loved working with Scott over the last few years. He is a great motivator and knows how to push you to be your best. Thanks to Scott I was in the best shape of my life heading into the Paralympic Games in Rio, he was one of the integral parts to becoming Paralympic Champion.”
Matt Rotherham - 5x World Champion
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“Working with Scott helped keep me highly motivated to complete training at the highest level. Every session is thoroughly planned towards the goal of each training block with enough variation to ensure I kept looking forward to it. If you require a coach who plans sessions in fine detail to methodically reach your goals, then Scott at FastFitStrong will definitely be your guy.“
Katie Marchant - Rio 2016 Bronze Medallist
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“Super enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed working with Scott in the gym, He will definitely get you strong and where you need to be.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the elite-level riders we’ve trained were novices in the gym (read some of our testimonials) and used strength training to help them reduce the number of injuries they picked up, recover quicker and boost their power.

What’s important is the approach we take and the methods we use. Your program will follow the principles used by Olympic and World champions, but still be specific to your needs as an individual.

They can! If you’d prefer to do this, it’s entirely up to you…

Our programs are written by elite-level strength & conditioning specialists who have coached some of the best cyclists in the world to multiple Olympic, World, Continental and National titles across a variety of cycling disciplines.

We offer the best cycling-specific strength coaching there is, so if you want the best, then this is the plan for you!

The average cycling-related injury results in 28 days off the bike. Because good quality strength training reduces the number and severity of injuries, most athletes on our program actually spend more time in the saddle than before they began.

“Strong things don’t break”.

In short, no you won’t – this is a complete misconception and misunderstanding of what strength training is, and what’s it’s used for.

Our programs and the methods we use have been proven to improve functional power across a range of events from 30-minute time-trials to stage races! In addition, improved body composition will dramatically improve your power-to-weight ratio and reduce your aerodynamic drag (CDA).

There is no minimum term, you can stop at any point. All you need to do is cancel your subscription.

However, strength training to improve your on-bike performance, as well as your health and wellbeing isn’t a quick-fix. It has been shown that long-term consistency is far more beneficial than short-term intensity and will take some time to get the maximum benefit.

We’ve therefore hand-crafted our training plans with this in mind and believe that once you’ve experienced feeling better and riding faster you won’t want to stop!

We specialise in off-bike training to support your sporting goals. It’s assumed that you will take care of your own on-bike training as it’s not something we offer.

However, if it’s something you require we’d be happy to recommend one of our approved specialist coaching services.

All riders are individuals, so this is obviously different for everyone and will depend on a multitude of factors such as your current level of training, injury status, riding schedule, etc.

You will see gym-based improvements almost immediately and most riders begin to feel more “robust” and able to “recover quicker” in 4-6 weeks. Noticeable performance improvements are often seen in 12-16 weeks.

** It’s probably worth noting that we take care to balance your short-term performance and your long-term wellbeing! Rushing this process may lead to quicker results but at the risk of future problems. Be wary of anyone who says they can make significant improvements in a shorter time! **

No! The beauty of our programs is that you get what you need, when you need it.

While we advocate year-round strength training there will obviously be times of the year when off-bike training is less important, so at this time we will reduce the frequency. In contrast, during the off-season, it may be important to train more often, so your training program will reflect that. It’s all about communication!

These fluctuations in training frequency are difficult to manage with face-to-face coaching but easy to prescribe through the TrainHeroic app and all your sessions will be available when you need them.

All our programs are written to be as simple as possible and require the minimum amount of equipment. All programs begin with an initial consultation where you will be asked what equipment you have available; your program is then written with that in mind.

Typically, dumbbells, benches, bands and bars are used in our programming. Most clients opt to go to their local gym, which is still cost-effective, and some have even decided to build training areas at their home.

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