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Unlock Your Cycling Potential How to Maximise Performance with Periodisation Strategies

Tired of not seeing improvements in your cycling performance? Maximise your performance with periodisation strategies! With the right approach, you can target specific areas for improvement and achieve peak performance at the right time. Learn more about linear, undulating and block periodisation strategies and unlock your cycling potential!

The 4 Most Effective Weight Training Splits for Cyclists

A training split is simply the organisation of your training sessions across the week. This article list 4 of the best to aid your cycling performances.

Use the Superset Method to Save Time and Boost Performance

Supersets are two exercises done back-to-back without rest. They can be used effectively to save time and still achieve your training goals. Here’s how:

How to Download the Train Heroic App

Before you can get going and start logging any sessions, the first thing you need to do is download TrainHeroic the app store relevant to your device’s operating system.

Fundamentals Over Fluff - Focus on the Basics to Improve Your Cycling Performances

Good strength programs are based around the fundamentals, basic human movements that protect against injury and boost your cycling performances.

How to use Total Rep Training to Spice Things Up

Total rep training is a flexible approach to strength training that allows athletes to auto-regulate the difficulty of sessions and better manage their workload.

Remote Training What Is the TrainHeroic App

TrainHeroic is a mobile app that lets athletes log their strength & conditioning sessions. This article tells you all you need to know.

How to Combine Strength Training into a Cycling Programme

In this article I discuss the best ways of integrating a strength training plan with an intense cycling program for endurance riders.

Optimising Strength Training for Cycling Performance

Strength training for cycling performance can be an alien concept for many riders, even if you appreciate how important it is.

6 Top Tips to Achieve Your Training Goals During the Lockdown

Learn six simple, but effective tips that will help you achieve your training goals through a prolonged lockdown.

Lifting Lies Part 2 - Strength Training Misconceptions Resolved

This is the second of a two-part series in which I will debunk many strength training misconceptions when training for endurance sports like cycling or triathlon.

Training Blocks: Volume

Training volume is an important factor to consider when completing any kind of strength training program. Put simply, it’s the amount of work done!

Lifting Lies Part 1 – Strength Training Myths, Resolved

This is the first of a two-part series in which I will debunk many strength training myths when training for endurance sports like cycling or triathlon.

3 Reasons Why Cyclists Need to Hit the Gym

This article describes the top reasons why cyclists need to hit the gym to improve their power and stay fast fit and strong on and off the bike.

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