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You may have struggled to create your own cycling training plan that fits your busy schedule. It can be frustrating to put in the effort without seeing the results you want. That’s the problem that Cyclist’s Edge + solves.

With Cyclist’s Edge +, you’ll have access to tailored cycling sessions that fit seamlessly into your schedule, making it easier to achieve your goals. You’ll benefit from a structured training plan designed specifically for cyclists that evolves throughout the cycling year.

Stop wasting time and effort with generic training plans. Let Cyclist’s Edge + provide you with the coaching and support you need to reach your full potential on and off the bike.

Here's how the plan breaks down:

  • On-bike sessions per week: 2-4
  • Off-bike sessions per week: 1-6 (including strength, mobility, high-performance recovery training and regeneration sessions).
  • Typical time of year: It’s a year-round program, so the frequency of sessions will fluctuate, so you receive the most appropriate training for the time of year.
  • Level of rider: Any.
  • Level of gym: Beginner/Intermediate


Improved performance

You can expect to see improved performance due to an evolving combination of cycling sessions, as well as strength, mobility, recovery and other off-bike training.

Upgrade your injury resilience

Reduce your risk of injury and maintain your training consistency with a focused programme that builds mobility, stability and strength at the right times throughout the year.

Flexible remote coaching

Improve your on-bike performance with tailored cycling sessions that fit seamlessly into your schedule. Get the benefit of a structured training plan without the need to attend physical group sessions.


Monthly subscription

Enjoy a monthly subscription that delivers new training sessions and workouts every month.

Comprehensive on and off-bike training

Get detailed off-bike training as well as specific on-bike sessions that dovetail together throughout the cycling year to make sure that you're ready to deliver your top performance.

Professional coaching and guidance

Get the support you need to achieve your goals my years of experience. I will help you overcome challenges, unlocking your cycling potential.

Exceptional value

Access high-quality programming, cycling-specific training, and coaching at a great value price.

Virtual coaching and feedback

Get expert guidance and improve your technique no matter where in the world you are with my virtual coaching and feedback, leading to faster progress and greater success in your training.

Accessible to everyone

Perfect for beginners or seasoned professionals alike; My programming includes a range of options, providing an experience that'll take your skills to the next level.



Barbell & Discs, Bench, Bands



Frequently Asked Questions

Cyclist’s Edge + is a monthly subscription service providing remote coaching for cyclists. It includes all off-bike training for strength, mobility, and recovery, along with tailored cycling sessions.
This program is designed for cyclists who are looking to start their strength training journey. I’ve listed alternatives for each strength exercise, so you can get the benefits regardless of your experience or the equipment you have access to.
To participate in Cyclist’s Edge +, you will need access to a bike, a turbo trainer or indoor bike, and some basic gym equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands.
This is a pre-written plan that is specifically designed for cyclists at this stage of the year. I have provided alternatives for every gym-based exercise, so you can work effectively no matter where you are or what equipment you have access to.
I am here to support you throughout your training journey with Fast Fit Strong. You can contact me at any time, and I will be happy to answer your questions and provide guidance and feedback.

Cyclist’s Edge +

  • Monthly £26

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