An 8-week strength plan for

peak season performance


As the start of the competitive season approaches, many cyclists may find themselves struggling with fatigue and balancing your off-bike training with increased on-bike sessions. This can lead to a decline in performance and potential injury.

The Ramp plan addresses this by providing a plan specifically designed for the later stages of preseason training.

With a focus on managing the increasingly difficult balance between on and off-bike training, we’ll manage fatigue while maintaining the progress made during earlier phases of training.

By using TrainHeroic, a mobile training app, the plan can be accessed remotely and easily integrated into your busy schedule. The strategic approach of the plan optimises training time and helps you prepare for a successful competitive season.

Here's how the plan breaks down:

  • On-bike sessions per week: None. This is an off-bike only program.
  • Off-bike sessions per week: 2-3 mainly including strength work, but there are also mobility and high-performance recovery training sessions throughout the phase.
  • Typical time of year: Preseason. I recommend starting this around 2 months before your season begins.
  • Level of rider: Any.
  • Level of gym: Beginner/Intermediate. Some strength training experience would be helpful.


Improved riding performance

By focusing on progressively reducing strength training volume, this plan is perfect for cyclists balancing their training at this time of year. This enhances your performance and be better prepared for the upcoming season.

Reduced fatigue and overtraining risk

This plan reduces the risk of overtraining and burnout by managing fatigue and recovery, optimising your training to be ready to perform at your best when it matters most.

Enhanced event readiness

The Ramp plan helps you become race-ready by fine-tuning your physical preparedness so that you can confidently take on the challenges of the season.


Specific focus for on-bike performance

As on-bike training becomes your primary focus, this plan is designed to help you start your competition season preparation.

Expertly crafted and evidence-based

Based on scientific evidence and expertly crafted by an expert coach, you'll receive optimal training for your competition preparation.

Efficient scheduling of sessions

The plan incorporates strength, mobility and recovery sessions, with guidelines on how to efficiently schedule them in a way that maximises adaptation alongside your riding.

Gradual increase in intensity

The plan is structured into two four-week blocks, allowing for a gradual increase in intensity over the 8-week period for a sustainable approach to training.

Strength progressions

As gym work frequency decreases, the plan focuses on maintaining strength allowing for more specific riding time.

Remote Delivery via TrainHeroic app

The plan is delivered remotely via the mobile app TrainHeroic, allowing for easy access and tracking of progress wherever you are.



Barbell & Discs, Bench, Bands


Dumbbells, Cable Machine, Cross-Training Equipment (any)

Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal of this program is to increase the intensity off-the-bike during the preseason training. The program focuses on strength training, and as the training progresses, riding becomes increasingly important.
The Prep program is 8 weeks long, split into two 4 week blocks and is specifically designed for the earlier part of preseason training.
All my plans are delivered remotely via the TrainHeroic mobile phone app. It is a pre-written plan that is not customisable, but it is designed to meet the needs of cyclists. at this stage of the season
Yes, TrainHeroic allows you to reschedule sessions to whenever suits you. Planning is important during this program; strength work should be done after rides sessions, leaving at least 48 hours between strength training sessions.
No, the plan is not personalised. It is a prewritten plan specifically written for the earlier part of preseason training. However, if you need extra attention, you can contact me for a bespoke training plan if you want me to tailor your training program to your specific needs.


  • 8-wk £48

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