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Many cyclists struggle to maintain performance and avoid burnout in the later stages of the season where fatigue can become a significant obstacle.

As a result, you can find yourself struggling to maintain your gains and unable to perform at your best when it matters most.

This training plan solves this problem by providing you with a structured training program expertly crafted for this time of the season. By breaking the 18-week phase into three six-week blocks, I provide a framework that you can use to limit fatigue and perform at your best when it really matters.

By following my guidelines, you’ll be able to maintain strength & power without feeling sore or tired, giving you what you need to excel on race day and achieve your goals.

Here's how the plan breaks down:

  • On-bike sessions per week: None. This is an off-bike only program.
  • Off-bike sessions per week: 2-3 mainly including strength maintenance and mobility work, but there are also recovery & regeneration sessions throughout the phase.
  • Typical time of year: Late In-Season. I recommend starting this mid-season.
  • Level of rider: Any.
  • Level of gym: Beginner/Intermediate. Some strength training experience would be helpful.


Peak performance for key events

Maximise your performance on the day of your events, this prewritten plan provides you with the structure needed to perform your best in key events.

Prioritise riding, but maintain strength

The Peak plan prioritises riding time, but also provides maintenance gym work at the right times. By sticking to my programming, you can maintain your strength without risking fatigue or injury.

Avoiding detraining

Despite the time of year, strength training should be used to avoid losing the hard work and progress you've already made. This plan shows you how to maintain your strength and reduce the risk of detraining.


Maximise performance for competition season

This plan is designed to help you limit fatigue to improve your performance during the competitive season, with a focus on maximising results on the day(s) of your events.

Prevent performance loss

The strength training component of the plan prevents the loss of progress made during the year, ensuring that you maintain the gains you've achieved.

Effective off-bike training

With carefully designed familiar exercises, set and rep schemes, the plan ensures that these sessions are manageable and effective to avoid detraining and maintain the gains made throughout the year.

Avoid overtraining and soreness

Continue to incorporate strength training without risking overtraining or soreness. Sensible scheduling means you can complete at least one short session every 7-10 days.

Low-volume, high-quality gym work

While cycling takes priority, this plan also recommends maintenance gym work to avoid detraining, which can occur in as little as two weeks. This helps maintain the gains made throughout the year.

Remote Delivery via TrainHeroic app

The plan is delivered remotely via the mobile app TrainHeroic, allowing for easy access and tracking of progress wherever you are.



Barbell & Discs, Bench, Bands


Dumbbells, Cable Machine, Cross-Training Equipment (any)

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary focus is to maximise your performance during the competitive or in-season phase, which is when your major races or events are held. It also includes maintenance gym work to avoid detraining and ensure you maintain your progress throughout the year.
The program is designed for cyclists who are already in good physical condition and are looking to maximise your performance during the competitive or in-season phase. It is not recommended for novice cyclists or those who have not completed a base training phase.
The Peak program is 18 weeks long, broken down into three six-week blocks. It is designed to keep you fresh during the later parts of the competitive or in-season phase, which is when your major races or events are held.
This is a pre-written plan that is specifically designed for cyclists at this stage of the year. I have provided alternatives for every gym-based exercise, so you can work effectively no matter where you are or what equipment you have access to.
Of course, however I obviously do not know when that may be (of how important the event is for you), which is why I’ve provided guidelines on how to taper within the plan.


  • 18-wk £108

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