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Many cyclists struggle to incorporate off-bike training into their busy schedules, leading to reduced performances and increased risk of injury, hindering progress towards their cycling goals.

Additionally, cyclists who try to create their own training plans may not have the expertise to properly structure them without overtraining, burnout or performance plateaus.

The Cyclist’s Edge program solves these issues by you with a structured and comprehensive training plan that includes off-bike workouts to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. The program is tailored to the specific needs of cyclists, taking into account the time of year and different stages of the cycling season.

By following this program, you will improve your on-bike performance and reduce the risk of injury without the need to attend physical sessions. This allows you to train wherever you like, while receiving the guidance and support of an Olympic-level strength coach. Achieve your cycling goals with an easy-to-follow program that is both convenient and effective.

Here's how the plan breaks down:

  • On-bike sessions per week: 2-4 (you will need to program these yourself)
  • Off-bike sessions per week: 1-6 (including strength, mobility, high-performance recovery training and regeneration sessions).
  • Typical time of year: It’s a year-round program, so the frequency of sessions will fluctuate, so you receive the most appropriate training for the time of year.
  • Level of rider: Any.
  • Level of gym: Beginner/Intermediate


Improved results on and off the bike

Written with the needs of cyclists in mind; this off-bike program evolves throughout the year to help you reach peak performance when it matters most.

Protect yourself against injuries

By focusing on fundamental movements, along with regular mobility training, this program develops safe execution of exercises and limits the risk of injuries. Meaning you'll be on the bike much more often.

Remote coaching from the best

Get the expertise of a professional strength coach at an affordable price, without the need to visit a gym. You can train wherever you are, without having to worry about commuting or gym fees.


Subscription service

Receive access to weekly programming, specific to the cycling calendar so you don't have to waste time thinking about what you should be doing, making it easy to stay on track and motivated.

Comprehensive off-bike training

Designed specifically to improve your on-bike performance. Including targeted strength training, as well as sessions focused on mobility, recovery, and regeneration to ensure that you are prepared to perform at your best.

Access to me - Olympic-level coach

Benefit from my years of experience coaching elite cyclists, no matter where you live or train. Use TH chat to send videos and I'll form-check your technique.

Affordable and great value for money

Access high-quality training at an affordable price, offering great value for money.

Train anytime, anywhere

All sessions are delivered remotely via the mobile app TrainHeroic, allowing you to train on your own schedule, wherever you are. This allows greater consistency so you will experience the benefits.

Suitable no matter your experience

I provide a range of exercise options, making it easy to experience the benefits and achieve your goals no matter your circumstances.



Barbell & Discs, Bench, Bands



Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to subscribe for?
I’m a beginner to strength training, will the program be too advanced for me?
No, you don’t need any specialised equipment for the off-bike sessions. We use exercises that can be performed with basic equipment that can be found in most gyms. I do recommend having access to bars, discs, dumbbells, resistance bands, and a foam roller for the best experience.
No, the plan is not personalised. It is a prewritten plan specifically written for the earlier part of preseason training. However, if you need extra attention, you can contact me for a bespoke training plan if you want me to tailor your training program to your specific needs.
What if I have questions about the program or need support?

Cyclist’s Edge

  • Monthly £22

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