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coach of 31 Olympic Cyclists

Expert Coaching

Expert programs specifically designed for you by ex British Cycling strength coach

Performance Gains

Continual safe progressions, which transfer to your performance on the bike

Works around you

Delivered straight to your phone, so you can train when and where you need to

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what it will do for you

become a faster, more resilient athlete

Ride Faster

Climb hills easier, push higher gears and finish fresher at the end of long rides.

Recover Quickly

Repeat your performances as you recuperate more effectively between efforts.

Stay Healthy

Less aches and pains means more time in the saddle doing what you love.

programs to boost your performance

rethink your limits

the results speak for themselves

What The Riders Say

Ed Clancy OBE - triple Olympic gold medallist
Ed Clancy OBE - triple Olympic gold medallist
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“Scott opened my eyes to the effectiveness of strength work for endurance cyclists. It’s improved my peak power on the bike and reduced the number of injuries.”
Ethan Hayter
Ethan Hayter
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“Really helpful and informative with strength training for endurance cyclists.”
Adam Hartley
Adam Hartley
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“As an endurance cyclist, the gym really helped me build strength for the road and Scott’s program was mega for it.”
Joe Nally
Joe Nally
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“This was my first time being in the gym to compliment my cycling training and Scott wrote a program that kept us interested and motivated while constantly improving.”
Andy Tennant
Andy Tennant
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“Scott was fantastic at spotting the mistakes in my technique. Getting a tall, lanky cyclist to squat a decent load with a good technique isn't easy! He helped me really progress in the gym keeping my injury-free in the process.”
Joe Holt
Joe Holt
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“Really benefited from the gym work with Scott to build strength and conditioning to then be transferred to the bike. “
Jake Stewart
Jake Stewart
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“As my first time in the gym as an endurance cyclist Scott helped me make a smooth transition into the gym which helped compliment my training on the bike through his strength and conditioning programme.“
Fred Wright
Fred Wright
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“Big thanks to Scott for his help in the gym. Can really feel the benefits as an endurance athlete on the bike.“
Rhys Britton
Rhys Britton
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“I hadn’t been in the gym before working with Scott. Really enjoyed working with him. Not only have I seen an improvement in the gym but also whilst riding the bike.”

what we provide

What you get

Elite Coaching

Gets results from coaches who have trained 30+ Olympic & Paralympic cyclists to success.

Programs that work

Designed to get you riding faster and recovering sooner, so you can stay in the saddle for longer.

Expert Advice

Perform at your best and keep safe with the help and expertise of nearly two decades in elite sport.

Online Training

Access anytime, anywhere, your training is delivered straight to your phone.

Technique ANalysis

Eliminate dysfunction with video feedback analysed by our expert coaching eye.

Connected Community

Receive exclusive content and support from like-minded people in our private Facebook group.

commit to getting better

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.

Helen Scott winning gold in Rio
Helen Scott squatting