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Do Any of these Describe You?

If your answer to any of the questions below is “yes”, then you will benefit from my strength training program.

No Progress

Frustrated that you've hit a plateau and aren't getting better any more?

Sore Joints

Worried that your creaky knees or aching lower back are getting worse?

Feeling Slow

Confused why other riders climb faster and sprint quicker than you?


Experiencing numbness in your hands, shoulders and neck when you ride?
I believe stalled progress and nagging injuries shouldn’t stop you from performing at your best and enjoying your riding again!

I Can Help You

Lots of cyclists find starting a strength program to be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Don’t worry, having coached professional and amateur cyclists since 2014, I’ve developed a cycling-specific system of training that’s easy to follow, no matter the level of rider or stage of the season.

Every week, I help busy cyclists all over the world, to get stronger, so they can stay fit, healthy and fast…

I’d love to help you too!

This is What You Get

The best off-bike training experience you can get with a top-notch coaching service specifically designed for cyclistsΒ like you.

No More Guesswork

No more wasting time stressing about what to do and when to do it, which means you can simply concentrate on your riding!

Loaded Programs

My approach gives you what you need, without the fluff, so that you can train like a pro without the price tag.

Access to Me

I'll use my years of experience to give you the best advice. Send videos and I'll form check your technique, so you know you're in safe hands.

Say goodbye to boring PDFs and clunky spreadsheets. Say hello to a convenient, user-friendly training experience delivered straight to your phone. Now you can train wherever you are, whenever you want.

What the Riders Say

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing cyclists. Here’s what some of them say about my coaching.

I can’t thank them enough for their kind comments. Look out for more scattered across the different parts of my site and on my social media channels.

Here’s how it works

The Get Strong, Ride Long System

Follow my simple 3-step system to find the right program for you and get started straight away.

Choose Your Plan

#1 Choose Your Plan

Decide between a fully-loaded strength + cycling plan, or keep things simple with my strength-only plan.

Download the App

#2 Download the App

Get the best out of training with long-term improvements by tracking your progress in the best training app around.

Start Improving

#3 Start Improving

Get stuck in and finally enjoy riding as hard and as long as you like without niggling injuries holding you back.

Say goodbye to boring PDFs and clunky spreadsheets. Say hello to a convenient, user-friendly training experience delivered straight to your phone. Now you can train wherever you are, whenever you want.

But wait, there’s more

What you get with my programs

An easy-to-understand program that’s perfect for you, no matter your gym training experience, meaning you’ll be riding faster and recovering sooner.

Specifically for Cyclists

I understand your cycling goals, so instead of working with any old personal trainer, you'll be coached by an expert who's coached 30+ Olympic cyclists.

Excellence & Convenience

View your sessions and log your progress with the state-of-the-art mobile app, meaning you can now train whenever and wherever suits your schedule, not mine.

Video & Written Descriptions

Every exercise is clearly explained in a simple, user-friendly way, which means you won't be left scratching your head deciphering the difference between an "RDL" and a "Goblet Squat".

Regular Updates

I remove all the guesswork, so instead of wasting your valuable time figuring out what to do, I'll have it all laid out for you, so all you need to do is concentrate on your riding!

What are you waiting for?

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Hints, Tips, Help & Advice for the Enlightened Cyclist.

how can i help?

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