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Online strength training for

Cyclists & Triathletes

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It’s been a privilege to have coached many Olympians, Paralympians, World, European and National champions.

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Strength training improves body composition, which results in a reduction in total mass for most endurance athletes.

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16+ years of coaching professional athletes give us the knowledge to design the plans to help you achieve your goals.

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Injuries Reduced

Being stronger and more mobile limits your chance of the chronic injuries so often seen in cycling and other endurance sports.

Keep ahead of the competition

How we can help you.

Fast Fit Strong delivers elite-level online strength training for cyclists and triathletes of all abilities.

Whether you’re preparing for a major race, event, or simply need expert advice to keep you in top shape; following our proven strength training plans will make you more injury-resistant, economical and stronger, allowing you to ride pain-free and faster for longer.

With over 16 years’ experience training a range of world-class athletes; we understand how to tailor programs to provide measurable results; helping you reach your goals in the best, safest and most efficient way possible.

Become a faster, more resilient athlete

Choose the best package for you.

Fast Fit Strong can help unlock your athletic potential by increasing power, preventing injury and improving efficiency & economy.

  • Specifically designed, easy to follow strength training programs written by elite-level strength & conditioning coaches.
  • Based on programs we’ve used with Olympians, but modified around your individual needs.
  • Individual feedback and technique analysis to make sure your training is safe and effective.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get better, or your money back.

Three steps to success

Help every step of the way

Step one


After an initial consultation/review your expert coach will devise your strength training plan.

We take the following factors into account, so you get a truly bespoke plan:

  • Injury history.
  • On-bike training.
  • Competition schedule.
  • Strength training experience.
  • Available equipment.

Step two


Each session will be prescribed through an app called TrainHeroic. This allows you to view and log your sessions, as well as track your progress.

Each exercises has written and video descriptions making it easy to follow along.

You can even change and reschedule sessions; completing them around your other training at times convenient to you.

Step three


Programs are reviewed and updated weekly depending on how you performed the previous week; making it truly individual!

As with professional athletes, this process is repeated, changing as you progress and develop.

More in-depth feedback and technique-analysis are available, via your preferred method, depending on your package.

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