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Many cyclists struggle to maximise their potential during pre-season training because they don’t have a structured plan or focus on the right areas.

This can result in a lack of direction, wasted time and suboptimal progress. You might find yourself doing random workouts without a clear purpose or not seeing the improvements you want.

By following a specific plan that prioritises high-quality strength-training, you will make significant progress in the preseason that will translate to improved cycling performances during the competitive season.

My Prep + plan provides a roadmap for your training that ensures you’re focusing on the right things at the right time.

Here's how the plan breaks down:

  • On-bike sessions per week: 2-3.
  • Off-bike sessions per week: 2-4 mainly including strength work, but there are also mobility and high-performance recovery training sessions throughout the phase.
  • Typical time of year: Preseason. I recommend starting this around 6-8 weeks after the end of your previous season.
  • Level of rider: Any.
  • Level of gym: Beginner/Intermediate. Some strength training experience would be helpful.


Increased power & endurance

This training plan will help you to build on the strength gained in the off-season and develop increased power and endurance, meaning you will perform at a higher level on the bike.

Improved injury prevention

The focus on high-quality work throughout this phase will help you prevent injuries and keep you healthy and strong as you continue to increase your training load.

Flexible virtual training

With virtual training available through the TrainHeroic app, you have the flexibility to train anywhere, anytime, fitting your training into your busy schedule.


Build on strength gained in the off-season

Use off-season strength gains as a foundation for further progress.

Increase power & endurance

Develop the necessary strength and conditioning to perform at your best on longer rides.

Continued focus on mobility work for injury prevention

Improve mobility to prevent injuries and ensure continued progress.

Progressively challenging strength sessions

Continuously challenge yourself and make progress towards your goals with structured and progressive strength sessions specifically designed for this stage of the season.

Virtual coaching and feedback to ensure proper technique and form

Receive expert guidance and feedback on your form and technique, ensuring you perform exercises safely and effectively, maximising your results.

Sample cycling plan to support off-bike work

Maximise the benefits of your off-bike work with a phase-specific cycling plan to support your goals and progress.



Barbell & Discs, Bench, Bands


Dumbbells, Cable Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, that’s why I’m here…plus, it’ll give you a host of other benefits, such as lowering your injury risk. However, the extent to which you improve will depend on several factors, including your current fitness level, how closely you adhere to the plan, and your individual physiological response to training. By consistently following the plan, you can maximise your potential to become a faster rider.
This phase is designed for cyclists with some strength training experience, but I’ve listed alternatives for each strength exercise, so you can get the benefits regardless of your experience or the equipment you have access to.
Generally, you can expect to spend 4-10 hours per week on cycling workouts, including strength training, mobility work, and off-bike training. The plan is designed to be flexible, allowing you to adjust it to your schedule and goals, so you can make the most of the time you have available.
Unfortunately, bodyweight training will not do the same job or provide the same benefits. Our aim is to lay strength foundations, which requires lifting external loads! To make things a little more flexible, I’ve provided alternatives for all the gym-based exercises, so you can swap exercises out.
You can easily track your progress throughout this phase using the TrainHeroic app. It allows you to log your workouts and monitor your progress, ensuring that you’re staying on track with your training. Additionally, you can make adjustments to the plan as needed and contact me through TH Chat to keep you motivated and accountable.

Prep +

  • 8-wk £56

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