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Cyclist’s Edge

The ultimate off-bike training for
committed cyclists

Improve your cycling performance with Cyclist’s Edge. Tailored training plans and remote coaching for all levels of cyclists. Train smarter, not harder.

  • Monthly £22

Cyclist’s Edge +

Take your cycling to the
next level

The ultimate monthly subscription service for cyclists. Tailored on- and off-bike training plans, remote coaching, and all the tools to help you reach your cycling goals.

  • Monthly £26


What's TrainHeroic?

Top Programs

These programs are perfect for those who want a flexible training solution that fits their busy schedule. Don’t let your off-the-bike training suffer; join me today and take your cycling performance to the next level!

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Maximise performance and reduce fatigue with
structured training

The “Perform” plan focuses on maximising performance during the competitive stage of the season. It’s a 12-week, prewritten program delivered remotely via TrainHeroic.

  • 12-wk £72


An 8-week strength plan for
peak season performance

Get race-ready with my Preseason “Ramp” plan. Focus on honing your strength with easy-to-follow gym sessions, and manage fatigue with specific recovery plans.

  • 8-wk £48


Unleash your preseason potential with
evidence-based training

Get stronger and prepare for the season ahead. The 8-week Prep program increases off-bike intensity to enhance your strength and cycling performance.

  • 8-wk £48

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